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Burnstar Gameplay


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If you took the basic concept behind Bomberman and tried to apply it to a puzzle game, you would probably get something somewhat like Burnstar. Though the focus here is upon collecting stars instead of killing enemies, you’ll be blowing up plenty of blocks with plus-shaped bomb explosions. That said, Burnstar is a game which does not hesitate to add in both plenty of new mechanics and enough significant changes to the Bomberman formula that the resemblance is ultimately largely superficial.

Yokai Memory Matching

Yokai Memory

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Yokai Memory is the only game I can think of which attempts to combine memory matching with fast arcade-style platforming and the result is surprisingly successful. This is definitely an arcade platformer first and a matching game second, though the matching element is far from insignificant. Though this is a game by a Japanese developer, there isn’t much to worry about in terms of translation issues as this is not at all a text-heavy game and, aside from the title screen, all of the text is in English. Yokai Memory is, overall, a very simple, very challenging game so let’s start by focusing on the most important part, the gameplay.

Dora the Explorer Boss

Generic Man

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By all rights an action platformer in which Dora the Explorer is a boss should be a rushed, barely functional game made primarily as a joke, especially when it bears the impossible-to-ignore GameMaker Lite watermark. This should certainly be the case, yet Generic Man is amongst the better freeware Mega Man-inspired platformers out there. This is not to say that its flawless, the level design could certainly use some work in spots, but Generic Man both adds some nice twists to the Mega Man formula and takes advantage of its exceptionally varied assortment of ripped sprites in some really creative ways.


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Block-pushing puzzles may very well be the most common types of puzzles in the entire video game industry and games built entirely around this concept are also quite common, so the degree of innovation and unique style found in Sig.NULL is a rather pleasant surprise. Though the basic goal of pushing blocks onto designated areas to complete a level still serves as the backbone to Sig.NULL’s gameplay, the actual way in which this is accomplished and the tools at your disposal are far from normal. These unusual twists to familiar concepts are accomplished in large part due to Sig.NULL taking full advantage of its setting, the inside of a malfunctioning computer.

AXRIA Retro World

bandicam 2016-01-15 20-32-06-978 Page
NOTE: Due to some potentially unsolvable recording issues with this game, there is no video at this time.

AXRIA Retro World is an enjoyable, somewhat unpolished, throwback to Game Boy platformers with a few modern tweaks. There are several games which AXRIA takes inspiration from or at least pays homage to, though the Mega Man and Mario series are far and away the most obvious. While all of the music used is taken from other games, most, or possibly even all, of the spritework is original and well-made. The references to Mega Man and Mario games go beyond being merely aesthetic as AXRIA is filled with enemies which behave in virtually identical ways to various foes from the two series while the main villain, Dr. Scarfire, shares more than a few similarities with a certain other mad scientist.