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Giant Cutter Boss

Giant Cutter

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Giant Cutter is half shmup, half not-quite-platformer, and completely bizarre. Taking place across four stages, the ship flies through space, cuts through enemies inside planets, and encounters increasingly-enormous bosses. There are no weapon upgrades and the normal attack has an unusually limited horizontal range, but the ship lives up to the game’s name as a portion of a constantly-refilling bar can be consumed to make a giant blade sprout forth from the top of the ship as it lunges forward across the screen to cut down anything in its path.

Secret of Qwerty Ghosts

Secret of Qwerty

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Today’s game is a rather short and simple one, but it’s one which you may find yourself going back to frequently, if only for a few minutes at a time. Secret of Qwerty, by Cannibal Cat Software, is a miniature RPG where the protagonist must defeat his foes through the power of typing. Yes, this is the RPG equivalent of The Typing of the Dead and it works surprisingly well.

Pharaoh Rebirth Boss

Pharaoh Rebirth+

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Pharaoh Rebirth+ by Krobon Station is not quite a Metroidvania and it’s not quite a standard action platformer either, but it is a whole lot of fun. Players take control of Jonathan, an archaeologist transformed into a rabbit by a curse, as he rushes across Egypt in an attempt to collect seven holy grails and break another, deadlier curse caused by accidentally reviving Sehur the First, the pharaoh in question in this game’s title. There’s a lot to like about Pharaoh Rebirth+ so let’s get started!

The Count Lucanor - Ducks

The Count Lucanor

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Despite its frequently blood-drenched appearance, The Count Lucanor is not so much a horror game as it is a dark fairy tale. Like any good protagonist of such a story, Hans sets off from home on his tenth birthday seeking riches and adventure and, as is only natural, soon finds himself deep within a forest. After encountering several moral dilemmas and murderous goats, Hans soon finds himself guided to a decrepit castle by a blue, jester-like kobold and the real adventure begins with a simple offer: Hans can become the sole heir to the throne of the mysterious Count Lucanor and claim his vast inheritance if he can guess the kobold’s name by the end of the night.

Knytt Stories Realms of the Pharaoh

Realms of the Pharaoh / The World has changed / Beneath

Knytt Stories Main

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Note: “Beneath” is not on Knytt Levels, but can be found as part of a bundle of stages posts in this thread on the official Knytt Stories forums:

Here it is, the very first set of Knytt Stories stages covered on Indie Overlook! There’s no particular theme here this time around, though I did try to avoid any of especially lengthy stages for this first group in order to better show off the typical Knytt Stories experience from beginning to end (though “The World has changed” was still long enough that I split it into two videos, the second of which can be found on my YouTube channel). I’ll be trying to keep things short this time around so, without further ado, let’s begin today’s list of games with: