Monthly Archive: May 2016


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The turn-based strategy genre allows for a ridiculous amount of variety and creativity, but there is a lot that can, and often does, go wrong as a result. Imbalanced units, difficulty spikes, poor pacing, overly complicated and mostly useless mechanics, and fights which rely far too heavily upon luck are painfully common issues for the genre. Thankfully, for all the frequent faults of the genre, every now and then you get a game like Militia where the mechanics are simple without lacking depth and where victory in battle is determined purely by your skill.

Soulcaster: Part I & II

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The Soulcaster games are part tower defense and part Gauntlet without quite being either. Though MagicalTimeBean is better known for Escape Goat these days, the XBLIG launch of Soulcaster is what first put them on the map. With the PC bundle of the first two games in the series recently coming out on Steam and the third game scheduled to release next year, this is the perfect time to take a look at what makes these unusual games so great.