Monthly Archive: June 2016

Lavi Quest

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Lavi Quest is a platformer starring a cat named Lavi which packs a surprising number of interesting stage mechanics into its short duration. With aliens attacking and the world in peril, it’s up to Lavi to knock every precariously-perched object she sees off of shelves and maybe somehow save the world in the process through the power of sheer coincidence.

L’Abbaye des Morts

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L’Abbaye des Morts is one of the older, and definitely one of the shorter, games released by Locomalito and I admit to having some nostalgic fondness for it as it was the first game I ever played by this developer of Hydora and Maldita Castilla (as well as quite a few other games). Described on its website as “An obsolete video game for a dark passage of history,” l’Abbaye des Morts takes on the aesthetic stylings of a ZX Spectrum game as it tells the story of Jean Raymond, a 13th century Cathar who attempts to escape a group of crusaders only to find himself trapped in an abandoned church overrun by evil. Though the entire game can be finished in about ten minutes, this unusual platformer packs plenty of variety and creativity into its 23 single-screen rooms.


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Gemdance is a Breakout-style game with some interesting, if underused, mechanics and a focus on enemy variety. Our protagonist, a windup dancing toy named Galatea, takes the place of a ball as she bashes bricks and defeats demons in her attempt to escape her imprisonment in the world of Zodiac. Though Gemdance somewhat stumbles in its execution, contains plenty of creativity and charm.

Mayhem Mansion

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Mayhem Mansion by Logic Obscure Productions is the first FPS to be covered on Indie Overlook and I can’t think of any game which would serve as a more fitting way of welcoming in this genre to the site. Containing a collage of assets from other games mixed in with custom ones, this Doom II mod is surprisingly polished, utterly bizarre, and has more content than you can shake a gun at.