Today’s Changes

Indie Overlook has once again seen a few significant updates today, none of which were actually the update I initially intended to make (that will be coming later this week). In addition to some behind-the-scenes stuff, here’s the full list of changes:

  • The color scheme has been adjusted in various places, most notably in the search bar and the comments area to make text much easier to read, but a few menus and effects have also been slightly tweaked. There are a few places where I’m still working on getting the color scheme in place, but I’ll be fixing that over the course of the week.
  • There’s finally a proper login system! It should be much easier to login and create accounts now and there are basic profile pages in place alongside a few additional security measures. I would like to potentially flesh out profiles in the future, but for now this should help to make Indie Overlook look a bit more professional and a bit less like a generic blog.
  • The sidebar has been revamped to remove many of the less useful or redundant portions and a tag cloud has been added. This is still very much a work in progress, but I think the current setup is definitely better than the old one.
  • I missed removing featured images from the Freeware and Commercial game pages yesterday, so images were still appearing directly over the videosĀ  for some rather poor-looking formatting, but this has now been fixed and hopefully that’s the last we’ll see of that issue.
  • The Home Page has been changed to display fewer posts (5) to help reduce load times for new visitors.

Old Content Updates and New Related Posts

I’ve made two fairly big changes to the site today. The first of which is there is now a ‘Similar Stuff’ list at the bottom of each article for people to scroll through. You’ll only see game articles in the same category as the one which you are currently looking at (so only freeware will appear on a freeware game page and only Fraxy bosses will appear on a Fraxy page, etc) so this acts as a nice alternative way of browsing through the content on Indie Overlook without having to navigate back to the game list pages and there are pictures to make it easier to find obscure games which might interest you.

The second change is not the one I had initially planned (that still should be arriving at some point on Monday), but since the Similar Stuff update required going back to every post and adding in a featured image to make it look nice, I updated some of the formatting along the way to match the current style. This basically means that every video is embedded at the appropriate size and links have been updated to be listed at the top of each article on a single line between the video and the article’s body rather than all the way at the bottom. The URL’s for player-created content and ‘extra’ articles have also all been adjusted to fall within a subcategory of ‘player-created’ or ‘extra’ respectively rather than being mixed in with standard freeware and commercial game articles; mixing these in with the other articles made sense when there were only a few of them, but now that there are several dozen of each this should go a long way towards cutting down on the confusion and the clutter, especially in the ‘Similar Stuff’ lists.

I hope these changes make it easier and more enjoyable to search through overlooked indie games (and some not-so-overlooked ones), but let me know if I missed anything or if anything is broken!

Site Updates Coming Soon!

Hi everyone, I’m going to be working on implementing two big new features on Indie Overlook for the next few days so there won’t be a new article today. I’m expecting have one or both of these features up and running at some point over the weekend though and I’ll make another announcement once they are complete!

It’s Also Knyttmas!

I can’t possibly celebrate Kryllmas without also celebrating Knyttmas! Yes, both of these 2D platformers with wildly different approaches to player-created content and nearly identical names are going to be celebrated until the end of the year, especially since I have covered even fewer Knytt Stories levels than Below Kryll levels. Up until the start of January there will be a new article for a Below Kryll level every even day and a new Knytt Stories level article every odd day and some days will have both.

Kryllmas Begins!

As a way to celebrate the holidays I’ll be covering a bunch of Below Kryll levels from now until the start of 2017 (along with one other likely predictable surprise starting tomorrow)! There’s no actual Christmas theme here beyond this event taking place over the course of 12 days, I just like how “Kryllmas” sounds. I’ll also be limiting levels to one per creator so we can get to see some more diversity in level design philosophies.

This is definitely, totally not at all an excuse to get more Below Kryll content on the site now that I can finally record it without lag issues!