Haunted House Week!

Halloween is the best holiday of the year as far as I’m concerned, so let’s celebrate it in style with some seasonal indie games! I’ve already been celebrating the season by focusing on horror indie games all throughout October with MANOS, Infested, Halloween Wars, the Breeder series, and Eversion, but this final week of October is going to serve as a special event of sorts.

Every single day for this final week will feature a new game. On top of being appropriate for Halloween, each of these games will fit into the structural theme of primarily taking place in and around a specific spooky location. Whether it’s a giant castle, a creepy mansion, the house down the street, or something else entirely, these haunted structures will be as memorable as the games themselves. Since these will be coming out on a daily basis, they won’t be full-length articles (though those may very well get added later for at least some of these games), but you can still expect videos, useful links, and some handy information.

Welcome to Indie Overlook’s Haunted House Week and Happy Halloween!

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