Introducing Mini-Articles (Sort Of)

They’re not entirely new since I already wrote one every day for the last week of October, but mini-articles are going to be a more permanent addition to the site starting today. While the articles written in celebration of Halloween were generally for games which I am likely going to be covering with full articles down the road, these mini-articles are going to be aimed at games which are just too short and/or too simple to realistically write about for more than a paragraph or two. In general you can expect games which get mini-articles to be around five to ten minutes in length and most will be coming from contests and similar events with short time limits so they may be a bit rougher around the edges than usual, but I’ll still be sticking to games which are either enjoyable or otherwise have qualities which make them worth taking a look at.

Lastly, since these articles are going to be significantly shorter than standard ones, mini-articles will come in pairs. Thus, instead of covering a single game with a video on Tuesday and the full article on Wednesday (or Friday and Saturday respectively), mini-articles will consist of a video and the article for one game on Tuesday and another video and article on Wednesday.

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