Major Site Updates

It has been nearly a year since I first started covering overlooked indie games here at Indie Overlook so I thought that now would be a good time to get around to making some useful changes to the site. More changes will come as Indie Overlook continues to grow and expand, but here’s the full list of changes for today in a patch notes fashion:

  • The Game Articles Page has had its overly long list replaced with two separate tables for freeware games and for commercial games.
  • The Demo Articles Page has been removed for now. Instead, both demo articles and mini articles have been added to the Extras Page.
  • The Extras Page itself has been significantly condensed to make it much more readable and Haunted House Week articles have been added to it.
  • The Freeware Games Page and the Commercial Games Page now have proper pagination.
  • Fight The Dragon has been officially added to the Player-Created Content Page, which has itself been slightly renamed to include a hyphen.

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