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DISTRAINT is in some ways an odd choice for the final game of Haunted House Week and in other ways a perfect fit. It is not about a specific haunted place nor are there even any actual ghosts, but the story very much revolves around locations. This is also easily the most graphic game I have written about to date on Indie Overlook and there are a good number of jumpscares jammed into its two hour duration. The protagonist, Price, works for McDade, Bruton, & Moore and it is his job to seize property. What follows is a psychological and surreal horror story centered around Price’s torment as he is torn between his guilt and his greed. Price is a complex and realistic character and the question of if he ultimately sells his soul for material gain or if he will seek out and find redemption is one where either possibility seems equally likely and will keep players invested and guessing until the very end. That’s all I will say for now though because on top of being the final game of this week, DISTRAINT will be receiving a full article tomorrow!

Happy Halloween everyone!

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