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Sometimes all it takes for a platformer to be great is a solid sense of pacing and some smooth controls. Kruunu is one such game and the ascent up its impossibly tall, broken tower is thoroughly enjoyable. The protagonist’s movement speed feels just right, wall jumping and sliding is utterly painless, and the horizontally looping screen allows for clever visual puzzles and even more freeform platforming. The game also gets quite a bit of mileage out of its bee and worm enemies, both of which simply move horizontally and turn around when they hit a wall. Checkpoints are spread out fairly well with a few which feel a bit too far apart, though the fast pace of the platforming means even the larger segments don’t actually take all that long at all. Finishing the game is actually where the true challenge is revealed in the form of a literal Hell tower. This second tower is a massive jump up in difficulty from the first one, with pixel-perfect jumps, swarms of enemies, and hundreds of spikes. The difference between the two towers is such that I think the game could have benefited from a third, more moderately difficult tower between the two, but as it stands I am glad to see a game which offers both an easy, flowing platforming experience and a brutally hard one alongside top-tier platforming controls.

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