Mega Maker – Electric Sky by Shohann (7204)

This level definitely has some issues and I’d even hesitate to call it good, but parts of it are extremely entertaining. Though this is a rather vertical level, there isn’t much in the way of platforming here and virtually all of the challenge comes from the enemies. Enemies here can be almost perfectly divided into two groups.

The first type of enemy group consists of one or two enemies placed where they can be most effective. For the most part, this means tough or shielded enemies in narrow corridors where Mega Man’s mobility is limited. These aren’t overused and the different enemy types are spread out well enough. Unfortunately, this also includes the obnoxious decision to place two spreadshot Mets at the top of a ladder near the start of the level and another one on a ledge right before the first checkpoint. You have a good number of weapons at your disposal and I found the Star Barrier to be the safest option for dealing with these Mets, but both of these ‘challenges’ are largely just exercises in frustration.

The second group consists of enemy spam. Most of the middle portion of Electric Sky consists of fighting large swarms of one or more enemy type. Usually these are flying enemies, though at one point there are a bunch of small platforms in a row with cannons on them. Enemy spam doesn’t exactly make for great level design, but the enemies can be fun to punch through if you’re given the right tools like in this case. Specifically, the Thunder Beam kills all of these enemy types in a single hit, it pierces through enemies, and it hits both above and in front of you. The end result is that you get to make a bunch of robots explode and drop loot everywhere and most of the groups are lined up perfectly for this weapon.

With a low amount of platforming, annoying Met placement, and a bland Spark Man fight at the end, Electric Sky isn’t a masterpiece. Even so, there are several moments where tougher enemies are used well and almost instantaneously turning dozens of robots into scrap metal with the Thunder Beam never gets old. For all its faults, This level is still enjoyable overall.

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