Tower of Victory

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Tower of Victory doesn’t take any risks with the action platformer genre and the difficulty is on the easy side of things, but it packs in plenty of platforming variety. With four enemy types, a boss fight, and a total duration from beginning to end of just over five minutes, this game changes up its layout constantly. From single-screen rooms to larger vertical and horizontal platforming challenges and even a few vertical autoscrolling rooms, you never know what to expect each time you go through a new door. The protagonist’s gun can be fired quickly, but it does have a slightly limited range so players can’t hit enemies from all the way across the screen. On top of the limited range on the gun, the enemies themselves encourage players to take up a more cautious and observant approach because they can ambush players from many stealthy positions; giant cat heads will fall down from suspicious holes in the ceiling, certain flowers will reveal themselves to be worm enemies in disguise, and nearly any screen outside of the tower will have birds attempt to sideswipe the protagonist into pits. Overall, Tower of Victory serves as a great example of how to keep things short and simple without sacrificing polish or entertainment value.

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