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Jumpman is a delightfully bizarre platformer which more closely resembles Circa Infinity than the Atari-era game it appears to be at first glance. Favoring chaotic physics over more precise platforming, Jumpman is loaded with deliberately slippery controls, rotatable levels, deadly bouncing balls, explosions, and new surprises around every corner.

Blast Force

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Blast Force is a one-button game to an unusually literal degree and it pulls off this minimalistic control scheme remarkably well. Attacking, charging your laser, moving, and even choosing to use a continue are all tied to a single button. This is a short game even by shmup standards, but its polished and creatively unique gameplay make it a great game to play and go back to.

Mr. Rescue

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The world could probably use a few more firefighter arcade games since it seems like just about all of them are astonishingly good. Mr. Rescue is no exception to the rule with its intense gameplay and some charmingly ridiculous self-aware humor. Between putting out fires, collecting upgrades, monitoring your water and heat meters, and, most importantly of all, rescuing people by tossing them out of windows, there is a lot to keep track of and little time to spare.

Blink the Bulb

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As much as I love the NES and the SNES, I’m still always happy whenever a clearly Genesis-inspired game like Blink the Bulb shows up. With bright and colorful visuals, massive levels with branching paths, and plenty of abilities to choose between and combine, Blink the Bulb puts some of the best qualities of Genesis platformers in the spotlight.

Banana Nababa

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Neo-Africa is doomed unless Harry Flowerpower can defeat six monsters to reclaim the Mystical Hearts stolen by a wizard! The plot is about as nonsensical as they come, but Banana Nababa, a freeware platformer consisting entirely of six boss fights, still holds up remarkably well nearly a decade after its release.