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Note: I have replaced the boss music with the royalty-free song “Evil Returns” by Myuu. Please see the video description for more info.

Halloween Wars is a game which takes a risky and creative approach to turn-based combat by combining it with rock-paper-scissors. The end result is clunky in some spots and doesn’t always work out, but there is enough charm and genuine innovation here that it’s well worth a look.

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It’s one thing to be inspired by a game, but it’s another thing entirely to successfully recreate and even, in some ways, improve upon the formula of the original. Infested is a point-and-click adventure game heavily inspired by Uninvited and other famous ICOM Simulations games and it perfectly captures the sense of mystery, adventure, and, of course, danger which made those old games so great while also taking advantage of some more modern design philosophy to cut down on the elements which could make those games so very, very frustrating.

a dead world’s dream

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NOTE: the lag in the hub town in the above video is fixed in the current beta release on Steam and will likely be fixed within the official release a few days from the posting of this article.

It may not exactly be the best looking game and there may be a rather noticeable amount of lag in the main hub town, but a dead world’s dream is an otherwise very enjoyable and surprisingly well-designed nonlinear platformer.


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Jumpman is a delightfully bizarre platformer which more closely resembles Circa Infinity than the Atari-era game it appears to be at first glance. Favoring chaotic physics over more precise platforming, Jumpman is loaded with deliberately slippery controls, rotatable levels, deadly bouncing balls, explosions, and new surprises around every corner.

Blast Force

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Blast Force is a one-button game to an unusually literal degree and it pulls off this minimalistic control scheme remarkably well. Attacking, charging your laser, moving, and even choosing to use a continue are all tied to a single button. This is a short game even by shmup standards, but its polished and creatively unique gameplay make it a great game to play and go back to.