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The boss fights are often the best parts of bullet hell shmups, so Cylor vs The Bullets From Hell cuts right to the chase by focusing entirely upon a single, ever-evolving boss. Over half a dozen difficulties gives this game plenty of replayability and the fight itself has many memorable twists both aesthetically and in terms of gameplay.

The Witch’s House Page

Well, The Witch’s House would have certainly fit this year’s haunted house Halloween theme, but better late than never! This game is filled to the brim with jumpscares, but that’s far from all it has to offer. With clever puzzles, some great atmosphere, and a wonderfully dark sense of humor mixed in with more legitimately disturbing moments, this is easily one of the better RPG Maker horror games out there.


Freem Page

Pyromancer is the newest shmup from the creator of Giant Cutter and it certainly shows in more ways than one. Utterly bizarre and profoundly alien environments and enemies are found in nearly all of the games developed by Minami* and this game certainly doesn’t disappoint as the designs and the unique artstyle make it immediately stand out from other shmups. The freeroaming sections from Giant Cutter are gone, making this a more pure, and certainly more polished, shmup experience spread across four levels, which are each in turn divided into three distinct segments. While the freeroaming sections may be a thing of the past, the unusual emphasis on close-range combat remains as, in addition to a standard forward-facing gun, your ship is armed with two small flamethrowers on its top and bottom as well as an enormous jet of fire directly behind it.

*The developer’s name on Freem is 南カラス, which can be read as Minami Karasu or, in English, South Crow. Since the copyright on the title screen in the game itself is simply attributed to “Minami” I will be referring to the developer by that name for this article.

Project Adventure Game: The Cycle of the Cave

Game Jolt Page

Project Adventure Game is a rather challenging Metroidvania which pays tribute to the nostalgic games of the past as well as to the Game Maker engine itself. It has some rough spots and the difficulty level is more of a ‘U’ than a curve, but it also has an interesting, often methodical feel to its progression and gameplay.


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Eversion is definitely more well-known than most of the games covered here on Indie Overlook and it deserves the relative fame it has earned. It’s fairly safe to say that this deceptively cute platformer takes some inspiration from the infamous first stage of Monster Party on the NES, but Eversion has in turn gone on to become both a direct and an indirect inspiration for other indie games. It shows its age in spots, has its share of rough edges, and isn’t as novel now compared to when it first released, but it’s still certainly worth taking a look at both for its own merits and for its historical value in the fast-moving world of indie games.