Shrouded in Sanity

Shrouded in Sanity

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Shrouded in Sanity is a horror-themed action RPG with some minor balance issues and a few too many dead ends, yet a satisfying combat system and a great sense of atmosphere supported by plenty of lore make this a surprisingly enjoyable experience. Even though this is a fairly short game, especially if you know where to go, a New Game+ mode, multiple endings, and a completely open map make Shrouded in Sanity highly replayable regardless of if you’re going for a speedrun or simply aiming for a new ending. The upcoming semi-sequel, Usurper, will almost certainly be the better game of the two, Shrouded in Sanity has more than enough going for it to stand on its own.

Concerning The Hiatus

Hi everyone, you may have noticed the complete lack of updates on Indie Overlook for over a week now and for that I am truly sorry. I have not lost interest in indie games nor in writing about them in the future, but I’ve had some serious stuff going on in my life as of late which has lead to my schedule becoming a mess and, to be as bluntly honest as possible, has sapped me of any desire to write or stream until things get back to normal.

I’d really love to be able to give an exact date for when I’ll start updating again, but that’s impossible for me to nail down. I’d very tentatively like to say Indie Overlook will start updating again within the next week, but the last estimate I gave was for August 27 and, as it is now September 5, it’s become pretty clear to me now that it may just as easily be another two or three weeks before things start to get back to normal both in my life and on Indie Overlook.

With all that being said, while streaming is definitely out of the question for me right now, I might still be able to make a few shorter articles during this time. I don’t want to make any promises on the matter nor give specific dates on which articles can be expected, but I would like to provide Indie Overlook with at least some content during this stretch if time allows.

UPDATE: The hiatus is over and I’m back to writing about and streaming indie games! The article for Three Ghostly Roses is actually going to still be delayed for a bit because at this point it’s been so long since I played it that I’ll need to play through parts of it again for the article. However, you can expect an article preview for Shrouded in Sanity within the next hour tonight, a stream tomorrow (probably of MagiCat), and the article proper for Shrouded in Sanity on Thursday!

Three Ghostly Roses

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Edmund Brigham doesn’t know where he is, or even who he really is for that matter, but with an image of a rose burning in his mind he’s prepared to travel across a strange and hostile land to discover his purpose. Three Ghostly Roses is an indie RPG as ephemeral as its name, lasting only about three hours, but it’s an excellent story told exceptionally well. Though the central story is a rather serious one, it’s peppered with bits of humor and supported by a custom, evolving turn-based combat system where you’ll be dropkicking skeletons and uppercutting demons.

The full article will arrive on Thursday, August 24! Something pretty serious ended up happening recently. I’ll write the rest of this article once things settle down. Sunday, August 27 is the tentative release date for this article, but that might end up changing.

Mega Maker – Electric Sky by Shohann (7204)

This level definitely has some issues and I’d even hesitate to call it good, but parts of it are extremely entertaining. Though this is a rather vertical level, there isn’t much in the way of platforming here and virtually all of the challenge comes from the enemies. Enemies here can be almost perfectly divided into two groups.

Mega Maker – Defence Ship Yamato92 by M9cao (111279)

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Aside from the final section, Defence Ship Yamato92 doesn’t do anything overly fancy, but it uses all of its parts very effectively. The primary enemies here are the two types of turrets from the first game as well as Suzies which periodically move vertically or horizontally between walls. As for your weapons, the mega buster is your default and you’re also given access to crash bombs and magnet missiles. I never felt a need to use the crash bombs, but the magnet missiles are very handy for taking out turrets above you.