Chalk Gameplay


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Chalk may be one of the older indie games developed by Joakim Sandberg, also known as Konjak and more well-known for Noitu Love 2 and the upcoming Iconoclasts, but it is far from unpolished. The title doesn’t just refer to the aesthetic as this bullet-free shmup challenges players to defeat their foes, overcome obstacles, and shield themselves from onslaughts of attacks all with a single piece of chalk.

Epikos Combat


Epikos Title

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Epikos is, rather unsurprisingly, the Greek word for ‘epic’ and Epikos is aptly named indeed. Focusing more upon its lore than its plot, this RPG by Hummingbee Games is steeped in the traditional ways of the old poetic tales with deeds of valor, larger-than-life heroes and villains, grand myths, forgotten legends, and dark prophecies. This isn’t to say that Epikos is completely without a sense of humor or that it ignores more modern literary techniques when it comes to character development, but a person may very well decide to brush up on Beowulf by the time they’re done.

Spuds Quest Elevator

Spud’s Quest

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Spud’s Quest is an interesting attempt at combining the platformer and adventure game genres, which isn’t all that surprising given that it is heavily influenced by the old Dizzy series, though parts of it feel disjointed. This game is certainly ambitious and there are many parts of it which I enjoy, but this is definitely one of my more tentative recommendations as there are some very rough edges and in many ways it feels like two different games.

Slip Boss


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Slip is basically Ikaruga with legs. This sole offering by the seemingly defunct Handsome Games (they and their website seem to have all but vanished after 2014) comes with a very reasonable $3.99 price for twelve fairly lengthy stages and a good bit of bonus content and polish. Outland may still be the king of color-swapping platformers, but there’s still enough to like here that the way in which Slip has so thoroughly ‘slipped’ under the radar really is unfortunate.

Princess Remedy Combat

Princess Remedy in a World of Hurt

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Princess Remedy in a World of Hurt is a game all about curing people of horrible illnesses, such as making sense when talking or having a severe case of death, by tossing magical medical supplies at whatever ails them. Looking like something that fell out of a ZX Spectrum, this freeware offering by Ludosity and Remar Games keeps things short and sweet with plenty of surrealistically whimsical charm and fun gameplay along the way.