Below Kryll – Cartless Mine Cart Ride by Luther-Dewott (19e11)

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With the introduction of grind rails a level like this was bound to be made. This stage sticks almost entirely to the basics to create a short grind rail course with some sharp turns and a few tight jumps near the end. Falling off of the rails results in almost certain death, but other than a handful of jump pads near the end the focus here is entirely on a single track devoid of enemies and branching paths. While I wouldn’t want to see this degree of simplicity in every grind rail level, in this case the stage’s simple nature works in its favor to create a quick and highly replayable experience. The racing flag at the start of the track is a particularly essential component which goes well with the straightforward approach to level design here as it allows this level to transform into an intense competition between players striving to shave off precious fractions of a second from their top times. A long or extremely difficult racing level would become a chore to go through multiple times, but here it is easy and painless to restart over and over for the sake of achieving a better time.

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