Below Kryll – Glider Master by DeathlyShot (25w5)

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Glider Master isn’t the first level focused on grind rails which I’ve covered, but it presents a different kind of challenge compared to Cartless Mine Cart Ride. The goal here is to become a ‘Glide Master’ by using the grind rails to reach the five shurikens scattered all over the level. Spikes are close to several of the shurikens, but there is otherwise no danger. The general lack of danger doesn’t mean this is an easy level though as many of the rail paths are demanding, requiring quick reflexes and precise jumping with the upper-right shuriken being particularly difficult to reach. Paths also intersect each other in several places, adding in a puzzle element as you try to figure out just which rails lead where. While each shuriken has an ‘intended’ path leading to it, there are also plenty of other ways to reach the shurikens, giving this level a fair amount of replayability. The only downside here is that this level is actually pretty hard to reach in the first place with only one entrance which in turn can only be reached by going halfway through a difficult level to the right of it. Otherwise, Glider Master is a whole lot of fun and is the best grind rail level which I’ve encountered as of this time.

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