Fight The Dragon – Corrupted Lands by Freak Boy

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Corrupted Lands is a fun, though not particularly outstanding, level, but I think it makes for a great first level to take a look at. My favorite part of this level actually occurs at the very start as it begins with the standard hub area under attack. Seeing this hub recreated as faithfully as possibly, but with a burning house and enemies swarming around the surrounding land is great and making the rest of the level expand upon an entire world of similar floating islands is brilliant. This level also has a little bit of everything even if it doesn’t excel at anything in particular. There are plenty of minibosses scattered around, some minor platforming is needed in order to traverse the broken roads connecting the islands, and basic pressure plate puzzles are scattered around where the player must carry barrels to the plates while avoiding enemy attacks or environmental hazards. Though it may not stand out particularly well in any way beyond its setting, Corrupted Lands also doesn’t stumble in any area either, making it a well-rounded level in every regard.

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