Fight The Dragon – Grand Library by RMartian

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Grand Library is a level made for people who love to hunt down secrets. With five keys, several pressure plates, a bunch of hidden levers, and some breakable walls for good measure, there is quite a large number of secrets to find within a fairly compact area. Many of these secrets are hidden against walls or behind objects where they can’t be easily seen, so you’ll have to get used to swinging the camera around constantly to complete this particular scavenger hunt. The order in which items are collected is also largely nonlinear, which on the one hand adds to the sense of exploration and on the other hand can lead to some tedious scouring of the map for one or two missing objectives. Thankfully, you only need to find every lever and key if you want to fight the final boss and access the big treasure chest, but simply reaching the goal is much more straightforward so it’s still possible to see most of what this level has to offer without finding everything. Speaking of bosses, the Grand Library doesn’t rely entirely upon puzzles and key collecting as it has quite a few tougher enemies, particularly necromancers with a few fire elementals thrown in for good measure. This is definitely a map which requires some tolerance for backtracking, but other than that I think it makes for a rather fun adventure.

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