Fraxy – Deathvoid Core by the13tharcana

Boss Download:
Video Music: Cryptic Marble by DistantJ of OverClocked Remix

Deathvoid Core is a simple fight, but one with a very creative gimmick. The boss sits in the center of the arena surrounded by a large barrier while eight spotlights sit on the inner edge of the barrier. The boss itself remains invulnerable to attack normally, but shooting a spotlight turns it on and if all eight spotlights are on simultaneously it becomes possible to hit the boss. The spotlights turn off after a few seconds and take more than one hit to turn back on so you need to constantly keep on the move while trying to remember the order in which you turned them on. The boss has a few different bullet spreads, homing attacks, and bouncing lasers, but is a complete pushover which poses very little danger. I would have liked to have seen at least one additional phase during this fight, but as it stands this is an easy little boss with a fun gimmick and that’s still entirely fine with me.

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