Fraxy – Oculun Version 2 by Metarex Master

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Video Music: A Tale of the God Slayer by 4 keys of OverClocked Remix

It may look similar, but this updated version of Oculun features many improvements over the original and, other than its general appearance, feels like a completely new boss. Oculun’s giant central eye is its weak point, but you can’t shoot it from afar in the first phase of the fight because you must remain inside an impenetrable ring which the eye is at the center of. In this phase, two sets of orbs will orbit around Oculun’s eye while he moves two ‘hands’ around the edge of the ring; everything about the initial design looks really cool and is great to see in motion. You need to weave between the two sets of circling orbs while making sure to keep some distance between your ship the Oculun’s hands while also dodging various attacks launched by the eye or the hands. It’s a tough fight with so many things to keep track of and the fact that the eye closes and becomes invulnerable during at least one attack doesn’t make it any easier. The most interesting attack in this phase occurs when the eye sends out eight rotating lasers and you must use the orbs to shield yourself from the lasers while making sure not to get crushed between them. Though this is mostly a great boss phase, there are a few attacks which feel unfair as they consist of projectiles bouncing off of the orbs and I generally found these projectiles to move too quickly and too erratically to consistently avoid.

The second phase of the fight more closely resembles its equivalent from the first version of Oculun and is significantly easier than the first phase. Oculun’s body explodes and the central eye takes to the top of the screen with a renewed health bar. There’s not too much which can really be said about this phase as its attacks are surprisingly simplistic. Oculun will rain down a very standard wave of bullets which you must dodge between, but there is usually ample room to do so. It also has a slightly more erratic barrage of bullets, though these too often are spread out enough that it’s easy to get through unscathed or with only taking a hit or two at most. The only potentially dangerous attack during this phase comes in the form of a rain of large spherical bullets and shooting one of these bullets causes it to transform into a massive, focused shower of bullets. However, the ‘danger’ of this attack only comes from the unexpected bullet transformation and the bullets are otherwise virtually harmless if you simply choose not to shoot while Oculun is using this attack. Overall, this second phase is fairly disappointing after the spectacular first phase, but at least it has a satisfying explosion.

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