Fraxy – Oculun by Metarex Master

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Video Music: Jin’s Tonic by OA and OverClocked University of OverClocked Remix

Oculun is a defensive and mostly stationary boss with two very different phases. True to its name, Oculun resembles an enormous eye, though it also resembles a gear in its first form and a clock in its second. At the start of the fight it takes up a large amount of space in the center of the screen and cannot be hurt directly. Instead, it has three small cores which rapidly rotate around it and share health. Each of these cores launches a different attack. The first core shoots out a large number of ripple shots which are virtually impossible to entirely avoid, but won’t destroy your ship as long as you don’t use up too much energy moving and attacking. The second core shoots out waves of small energy circles in groups of two; this attack can cause severe damage if it hits and it is best avoided by weaving through the space separating the groups. The final core is the most ‘balanced’ of the three as it shoots out strings of bullets which are more difficult to dodge than the second core’s energy circles and hit harder than the first core’s ripples. The central eye itself also periodically shoots out a deadly laser beam to prevent you from standing completely still for too long. Despite the danger the eye’s laser poses, the best way to fight against this form is to not give in to the temptation of trying to chase the rapidly rotating cores and to instead pick a corner and shoot at a fixed location while focusing on dodging.

For Oculun’s second form the outer shell breaks away and it moves to the top of the screen, gaining two ‘hands’ in the process. The central eye can be damaged in this phase, but you need to keep up the pressure as it is surrounded by a rotating wall of regenerating panels. There are a few different attacks to this phase, though they generally boil down to the hands sweeping around on their awesome yet harmless lightning arms while they and the eye shoot spreads of bullets at you. Sometimes the hands put down mines, but they are generally never in dangerous locations. This form is certainly the more imposing of the two as far as appearances go, but its health drops so quickly that it can be easier than the previous one.

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