Fraxy – XVII Star by AlexMdle

Boss Download:
Video Music: The Unholy Wars by Dhsu and Sixto Sounds of OverClocked Remix

Let me start things off by saying that this is definitely one of the best Fraxy bosses I have ever seen. The actual design of the boss is on the bland side and I’m not really sure as to just what it has in common with the ‘Star’ tarot card, but the fight itself is fantastic. XVII – Star stays at the top of the screen, but it likes to move left and right quite a bit and its core is fairly well shielded except for during certain attacks. It opens with a few different short bullet spread patterns which it likes to repeat between its more serious attacks. Though it repeats these patterns often, they are not overly easy and can definitely result in a death or two. Laser attacks are the main gimmick here with all sorts of variations. XVII – Star will shoot down sheets of slanting rays, it’ll follow you with impenetrable laser barriers which it bounces lasers off of in a crisscrossing pattern, and, in what might be its most dangerous attack, it will shoot down lasers in groups which bounce back up after they touch the bottom of the screen. Though lasers are the theme here, they aren’t this boss’s sole form of attack. Large energy bullets are also present in the form of both a pinwheel-style attack and a trickier attack where you must slowly lure XVII – Star to the left or right while it drops these otherwise unavoidable attacks between laser barriers. To top it all off, the pacing of the fight is fantastic as it generally takes slightly over two minutes to destroy this boss, which is just shortly after it starts to loop its pattern. It’s a thoroughly solid fight with challenging and creative attacks.

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