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God of Thunder

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If you had a computer in to 90’s, you probably also had at least one CD with hundreds, maybe even thousands, of shareware games on it. Sure, these types of CD’s are still around, but back in the day the games on these CD’s were pretty much the only commercial indie games around. Buried between hundreds of chess, mahjong, and tic-tac-toe clones, these obscure games are truly hidden gems.

Coming from an era where the term ‘indie game’ didn’t even exist and the expected method of payment consisted of sending money in the mail to a P.O. Box and hoping the developer 1) still lived in that area and 2) bothered to send you the password to unlock the full game, many of these gaming relics have been buried deep beneath the sands of time, lost and forgotten. God of Thunder is one such game, now free on Steam, and it contains all the cheesy humor, rad tunes, silly sound effects, and somewhat clunky combat you might expect from a 1994 shareware game alongside some design decisions which feel surprisingly ahead of their time.