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Bleed 2

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If you want to see the right way to make a sequel, you need look no further than Bleed 2. The same fantastic time-slowing, air dashing, run and gun gameplay from the original is back, but with an expanded character roster, a slightly smaller, yet more refined arsenal of weapons, and the addition of color-based bullet deflection. A new and very noticeable layer of polish has also been applied to everything from the graphics to the menus, improving upon the first game in virtually every way. 2017 has just started, but Bleed 2 is already looking like it will be a strong contender for one of the best games of the year.


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Pinkman is a fast, stylish platform where you run, jump, and fart (yes, really) your way through 100 short levels. Between the focus on rocket launchers, the laser turrets, the sleek, minimalistic graphics, and the ultimate goal of flipping switches to open exit doors there seems to be a fair amount of influence from the N series at work here, but Pinkman goes beyond being a clone by taking these elements and combining them with new mechanics (like farting) with the end result being a game which can stand on its own merits.