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Below Kryll Title Screen

Below Kryll

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With all the love that Super Mario Maker has gotten, it’s a bit of a surprise that Below Kryll hasn’t become a bit more well-known than it currently is as the player-created platforming world of the latter in many ways rivals the former. Like Fraxy, this is a game focused almost entirely around content created by the players themselves, and we’ll be looking at some individual stages made by the community down the road, so I’ll be covering both the actual gameplay and the editor itself in this article.

Tantibus Lamp Fight


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Surrealistic indie RPG’s have become much less rare, though still far from common, ever since Yume Nikki and Space Funeral became cult classics. Tantibus, taking its name from the Latin word for ‘nightmare’, certainly falls into this bizarre niche with its small, often-nonsensical world. If you’re looking for a deep plot or particularly engaging combat you won’t find it here, but you’re in luck if you’re looking to explore a unique world and interact with its increasingly-interesting inhabitants.

Mystik Belle

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Mystik Belle attempts to create a unique fusion of the Metroidvania and adventure game genres and, for the most part, it succeeds, though it stumbles rather heavily in two parts of its design. At first glance, this may very well appear to primarily be a Metroidvania platformer with other elements simply tacked on. After all, there’s a castle to explore for new abilities, a basic leveling system which both increases health and changes the basic fire attack, and even a good number of references to Maziac, a much older Metroidvania platformer created by the developer which also stars a fire-wielding heroine. However, Mystik Belle is definitely more than it may initially appear to be as interactions with items and NPC’s play just as large of a role as the platforming.