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Game Jolt Marketplace Launch

Game Jolt: http://gamejolt.com/

I don’t usually cover news on Indie Overlook, but this is a very important piece of information to be aware of for anyone interested in indie games. Game Jolt, one of the primary sites hosting freeware games, will be launching their marketplace program later today for commercial games. Here are a few tips and things to be aware of:

Games Page Updated

So, there have been individual pages for freeware and commercial game articles around here for a while now, but the “Games” tab itself didn’t actually do anything. That has now changed and clicking on “Games” will now take you to a full list of links to every one of the overlooked indie games covered here on Indie Overlook. I’m still playing around with the actual formatting for the page, but for now the games are sorted in alphabetical order with marks to indicate if they are freeware or commercial games as well as if they have any player-created content related to them.

Some Useful Downloads For Running Freeware Games

Compatibility is always an issue where older games are concerned, and especially when it comes to older indie games. Though I’ll be covering plenty of new games where compatibility (usually) isn’t a concern, a good number of games will require a trick or two to get working. That said, two programs in particular (well, one program and one set of programs) are all you’ll need to get most of this stuff working properly.