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Eden Reverse Spiral Attack

Eden Reverse

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Eden Reverse is a short cross between a platformer and a shmup without feeling entirely like either. Your character can stay in the air for quite a while before falling back down to the ground, but the main feature is hinted at by the title itself. Specifically, you can reverse gravity to walk on the ceiling. This is far from the only game to feature such a mechanic, but Eden Reverse is rather unique among these types of games in its pure focus on boss fights. With gravity controls, a jetpack that lets you remain in the air for extended periods of time, and creative boss fights within often equally creative arenas, this little game packs a big punch.


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Bleed 2 is going to be released in less than a week (February 8), so now seems like a pretty good time to look at the original game in this series. For those unfamiliar with Bleed , it is a brutally hard game focused mostly on its many boss fights which are spread out between seven short and rather varied levels. It shows its age a bit in spots, but the crisp combat and the incredibly smooth controls hold up as well as ever.