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Psi Knuckle Alex

Psi Knuckle

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Do you want to know a good trick for awakening your latent psychic powers? Just try punching some robots and maybe a missile or two. At least, that’s all it takes for ‘Psi Knuckle Joe’ to start flying and teleporting through the air, dodging razor blades and dashing through flames. Psi Knuckle is the newest freeware game from Bunaguchi and it’s not pulling any punches.

Giant Cutter Boss

Giant Cutter

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Giant Cutter is half shmup, half not-quite-platformer, and completely bizarre. Taking place across four stages, the ship flies through space, cuts through enemies inside planets, and encounters increasingly-enormous bosses. There are no weapon upgrades and the normal attack has an unusually limited horizontal range, but the ship lives up to the game’s name as a portion of a constantly-refilling bar can be consumed to make a giant blade sprout forth from the top of the ship as it lunges forward across the screen to cut down anything in its path.

Pharaoh Rebirth Boss

Pharaoh Rebirth+

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Pharaoh Rebirth+ by Krobon Station is not quite a Metroidvania and it’s not quite a standard action platformer either, but it is a whole lot of fun. Players take control of Jonathan, an archaeologist transformed into a rabbit by a curse, as he rushes across Egypt in an attempt to collect seven holy grails and break another, deadlier curse caused by accidentally reviving Sehur the First, the pharaoh in question in this game’s title. There’s a lot to like about Pharaoh Rebirth+ so let’s get started!

Fraxy Boss Batch 1

Atomic Vault SP3CT3R / Astronomical Symbol / Armageddon Core

Fraxy Boss - Atomic Vault SP3CT3R

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Hi everyone and welcome to the first article covering player-created content in games! The format for these is still not set in stone, so the next one may have some significant changes to it, but for now the plan is to keep these primarily video-focused with a very brief synopsis of each creation. Today I’ll be looking at three rather different bosses made by the community in Fraxy so let’s get started!

Sengoku Youkai Daikassen Boss

Sengoku Youkai Daikassen

Official(?) Download
NOTE: The official website no longer exists, credit goes to https://panchira.wordpress.com/ for containing a link.
NOTE 2: This game seems to be based on an anime called Sengoku Otome: Momoiro Paradox, which looks awful, but at least the game’s good!

I’m not sure as to exactly when I fell in love with the bullet hell subgenre, but I do know that I always enjoy stumbling across worthwhile entries and Sengoku Youkai Daikassen is one such entry. Taking place over the course of six stages (or ‘steges’ according to the in-game Engrish) in Warring States-era Japan, this horizontal shmup offers enough Continues to make it a good entry point for those new to the genre and enough nuance to its scoring system to satisfy most bullet hell veterans.