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Creepy Castle Title Screen

Creepy Castle

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Retro sidescrolling adventure RPG’s and minigames are two things which don’t seem like they should go together, yet Creepy Castle, for the most part, makes this odd combination work. With a combat system based on performing various WarioWare-style minigames, around 15-20 hours of gameplay spread across five scenarios, a surprisingly engaging story, and plenty of secrets to find along the way, Creepy Castle makes for a particularly memorable experience. There are a few points at which it begins to overstay its welcome and I am not particularly fond of the third scenario for reasons which I will cover later, but when the formula works, and it does work for the vast majority of the game, it works exceptionally well.

Sand and Rust - Hello Bot

Sand and Rust

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From the creator of a dead world’s dream comes Sand and Rust. Though the settings are different, the two games are quite similar, not that that’s at all a bad thing. With a team of three robots at their command, players must platform their way back and forth between six regions in search of valuable pieces of scattered data, which are used both for advancing the plot and for unlocking new skills.

Below Kryll – Entrapment by Shockwave (23e8)

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Now here’s a good puzzle level! Entrapment makes full use of its room, cramming switches, puzzles, and paths into every inch of it. There are a good number of puzzles here and one aspect nearly all of them have in common is they require the player to figure out what even needs to be done in the first place. Sure, a mysterious old man may pop up occasionally to give some advice, but the hints remain vague enough that players will still need to explore in order to find solutions. Even when you figure out what needs to be done in order to solve a puzzle, the exact way to go about achieving the desired end result usually requires some additional consideration and/or a bit of platforming. Puzzles are also kept small and fast, making for an experience where you’ll constantly need to stop and think for long enough to make solving each puzzle feel satisfying, but where you are unlikely to get stuck for more than a handful of minutes at most. There are a few times in this level when it is not immediately clear if a puzzle has, in fact, been solved so a little more clarity in the form of a brief message could have been added in that regard, but other than that rather minor complain I think this is an all-around exceptional level and one of the best I’ve played in Below Kryll.

Below Kryll – Switch Bonanza by Gors (12e14)

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This level can take a while to reach because it’s on one of the deeper floors, but it’s worth it! Switch Bonanza is, unsurprisingly, all about hitting switches. Specifically, this level is broken up into five smaller ‘levels’ and a not at all serious tutorial, all of which make use of switches in different ways. The first part is a platforming race to the finish before the gate closes, the second is a short trip across a gap using dragon statue projectiles (this one in particularly is ridiculously difficult if you don’t have Mitsu’s later abilities unlocked), the third is divided between a platforming challenge and a very tightly timed switch race, the fourth is mostly a puzzle, and the fifth demands accurate kunai throwing and some quick thinking. The amount of variety on display here is impressive enough on its own, but I am even more impressed by the lack of a single bad or even mediocre challenge between them; I think the second challenge feels somewhat out of place due to just how much more difficult it is compared to the rest of the level, but even that is only a minor complaint. By expertly blending puzzles, platforming, and precision, this level excels at taking full advantage of the flexibility offered by Below Kryll‘s engine.

Below Kryll – Glider Master by DeathlyShot (25w5)

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Glider Master isn’t the first level focused on grind rails which I’ve covered, but it presents a different kind of challenge compared to Cartless Mine Cart Ride. The goal here is to become a ‘Glide Master’ by using the grind rails to reach the five shurikens scattered all over the level. Spikes are close to several of the shurikens, but there is otherwise no danger. The general lack of danger doesn’t mean this is an easy level though as many of the rail paths are demanding, requiring quick reflexes and precise jumping with the upper-right shuriken being particularly difficult to reach. Paths also intersect each other in several places, adding in a puzzle element as you try to figure out just which rails lead where. While each shuriken has an ‘intended’ path leading to it, there are also plenty of other ways to reach the shurikens, giving this level a fair amount of replayability. The only downside here is that this level is actually pretty hard to reach in the first place with only one entrance which in turn can only be reached by going halfway through a difficult level to the right of it. Otherwise, Glider Master is a whole lot of fun and is the best grind rail level which I’ve encountered as of this time.