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MaGMML – Rank 10

Rank 10 “Hard to See Land” by ParmaJon

This level and many of the levels which come after it are more complicated than the ones which came before it. As such, you can expect to now see just one level per day, but there will be far more to discuss about each level.

MaGMML – Rank 12 – 11

At last we’ve reached the middle of the road on contest entries and today we have some very middle of the road levels to be moderately excited about!

MaGMML – Ranks 16 – 15

The average length of the levels increases starting from this point, so we’ll be moving through them at a somewhat slower pace than the Tier 1 levels. Though Tier 2 levels still have plenty of issues of their own, they are a significant step up from the levels found in Tier 1.