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Mercury Station

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Mercury Station or, more specifically, Lo-Res Spaceman at Mercury Station, is a rather old Game Maker game which itself harks back to even older FPS games. While freeware 3D indie games may be rather common now, they were exceptionally rare back when Mercury Station was released (excluding Doom mods and the like), making this something of a technical marvel. Though it has its share of flaws, perhaps most notably its lack of a map, Mercury Station nevertheless has plenty of entertainment to offer with an open approach to progression, interesting weapons, and varied regions.

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Mayhem Mansion

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Mayhem Mansion by Logic Obscure Productions is the first FPS to be covered on Indie Overlook and I can’t think of any game which would serve as a more fitting way of welcoming in this genre to the site. Containing a collage of assets from other games mixed in with custom ones, this Doom II mod is surprisingly polished, utterly bizarre, and has more content than you can shake a gun at.