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Mouth Sweet

Mouth Sweet Title

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I still have no idea where the title comes from, but Mouth Sweet is a fairly small game packed with combat inspired by Killer7, pitch black humor, some legitimately disturbing scenes, and a surprisingly strong and positive message. Games which take place in modern-day office environments have been very slowly on the rise, but, with the exception of I Get This Call Every Day and potentially a very small handful of others, most focus on wacky comedic hijinks (which isn’t necessarily a bad thing mind you) and none that I know of are more heartfelt than this one.

Stray Cat Crossing

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Stray Cat Crossing is a strange game and a very difficult one to write about while avoiding spoilers. It initially presents itself as a horror game, but this gradually changes after the first of this game’s three acts. Instead, this is a disturbing and mysterious adventure through a place where nothing is as it first seems.

The Count Lucanor - Ducks

The Count Lucanor

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Despite its frequently blood-drenched appearance, The Count Lucanor is not so much a horror game as it is a dark fairy tale. Like any good protagonist of such a story, Hans sets off from home on his tenth birthday seeking riches and adventure and, as is only natural, soon finds himself deep within a forest. After encountering several moral dilemmas and murderous goats, Hans soon finds himself guided to a decrepit castle by a blue, jester-like kobold and the real adventure begins with a simple offer: Hans can become the sole heir to the throne of the mysterious Count Lucanor and claim his vast inheritance if he can guess the kobold’s name by the end of the night.