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AXRIA Retro World

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NOTE: Due to some potentially unsolvable recording issues with this game, there is no video at this time.

AXRIA Retro World is an enjoyable, somewhat unpolished, throwback to Game Boy platformers with a few modern tweaks. There are several games which AXRIA takes inspiration from or at least pays homage to, though the Mega Man and Mario series are far and away the most obvious. While all of the music used is taken from other games, most, or possibly even all, of the spritework is original and well-made. The references to Mega Man and Mario games go beyond being merely aesthetic as AXRIA is filled with enemies which behave in virtually identical ways to various foes from the two series while the main villain, Dr. Scarfire, shares more than a few similarities with a certain other mad scientist.

Voidspire Tactics

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Tactical RPG’s which combined strategic grid-based fighting with a world to explore and interact with have never been very common, but I’ve always been fond of this particular subgenre and I am more than happy to say that Voidspire Tactics completely blew away virtually all of my expectations. This is more than just a solid game, this is an experience which allows for a degree of freeform exploration rarely found elsewhere and one which consistently rewards experimentation in every facet of its gameplay. Voidspire Tactics walks a very thin line, implementing a good number of features which have sent many a game tumbling towards disaster in the past, but the versatile class system ultimately helps it to maintain its balance.

Mystik Belle

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Mystik Belle attempts to create a unique fusion of the Metroidvania and adventure game genres and, for the most part, it succeeds, though it stumbles rather heavily in two parts of its design. At first glance, this may very well appear to primarily be a Metroidvania platformer with other elements simply tacked on. After all, there’s a castle to explore for new abilities, a basic leveling system which both increases health and changes the basic fire attack, and even a good number of references to Maziac, a much older Metroidvania platformer created by the developer which also stars a fire-wielding heroine. However, Mystik Belle is definitely more than it may initially appear to be as interactions with items and NPC’s play just as large of a role as the platforming.

Circa Infinity

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If you’ve ever wanted to delve into the endless depths of a kaleidoscope you may want to consider buying Circa Infinity (or at least check out the demo). Despite generating quite a bit of coverage around the time of its release, Circa Infinity has not really taken off and, indeed, seems to have been all but forgotten about by just about everyone only three months later. ‘Experimental puzzle platformer’ is a label which can be applied to far, far too many games these days and at a price of $9.99 for a game which can be finished in about five hours it’s easy to understand why many may be hesitant to make the purchase. Though the trailers do show off a good amount of uncut gameplay, it can be hard to tell just quite how Circa Infinity actually works so I think it’s best to clarify a few things. This is a game about circles and this is a game about opposites and, for the most part, that is all you really need to understand.

Sly Pitch Gameplay

Sly Pitch

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There’s nothing wrong with a good, solid Breakout-style game, but I can’t help but think that this genre, with its thousands upon thousands of games, has been, for the most part, horrendously stagnant. Sure, sometimes there are a few cool power-ups and every now and then there might be enemies or some other hazards, but for every entry that tries to change up the formula in a creative way there exists a legion of other games which go beyond being merely unimaginative and enter the realm of being utterly interchangeable. At a glance, Sly Pitch certainly looks like it has effort put into it, but the components of the typical trinity of paddle, ball, and bricks are all present and accounted for. Thankfully, Sly Pitch manages to soar high above nearly every other game in the genre and it could even be said that it outright revolutionizes Breakout games by centering its mechanics around a single tweak to the formula – the ball always returns to the paddle.