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Knytt Stories Realms of the Pharaoh

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Knytt Stories Main

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Note: “Beneath” is not on Knytt Levels, but can be found as part of a bundle of stages posts in this thread on the official Knytt Stories forums: http://nifflas.lpchip.nl/index.php?topic=6070.0

Here it is, the very first set of Knytt Stories stages covered on Indie Overlook! There’s no particular theme here this time around, though I did try to avoid any of especially lengthy stages for this first group in order to better show off the typical Knytt Stories experience from beginning to end (though “The World has changed” was still long enough that I split it into two videos, the second of which can be found on my YouTube channel). I’ll be trying to keep things short this time around so, without further ado, let’s begin today’s list of games with:


GIGADEEP Stage Select


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Just like its fully-capitalized name, there is nothing graceful nor elegant about GIGADEEP. Nearly everything part of this game is sloppy, loud, frantically kinetic, and, of course, ridiculously entertaining. There is a real sense of energy to this Mega Man X-inspired action platformer that I have rarely seen matched and, even with some glaring balance issues, I find myself going back to this game at least once every year.

Dora the Explorer Boss

Generic Man

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By all rights an action platformer in which Dora the Explorer is a boss should be a rushed, barely functional game made primarily as a joke, especially when it bears the impossible-to-ignore GameMaker Lite watermark. This should certainly be the case, yet Generic Man is amongst the better freeware Mega Man-inspired platformers out there. This is not to say that its flawless, the level design could certainly use some work in spots, but Generic Man both adds some nice twists to the Mega Man formula and takes advantage of its exceptionally varied assortment of ripped sprites in some really creative ways.

The Ancients’ Tome

Archive.org Page

The Ancients’ Tome is an interesting little gem from all the way back in 2006 and one which I’ve wanted to discuss for a while. As to just what type of game it is…that’s a good question, and one without much in the way of an easy answer. Its developer labels it as an ‘arcade puzzle game’ and that’s probably as close as you can get, though even that doesn’t quite hit the mark. Whatever you want to call its genre, The Ancients’ Tome definitely fits somewhere under the enormous ‘experimental games’ umbrella and manages to be quite entertaining along the way.

Some Useful Downloads For Running Freeware Games

Compatibility is always an issue where older games are concerned, and especially when it comes to older indie games. Though I’ll be covering plenty of new games where compatibility (usually) isn’t a concern, a good number of games will require a trick or two to get working. That said, two programs in particular (well, one program and one set of programs) are all you’ll need to get most of this stuff working properly.