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Tantibus Lamp Fight


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Surrealistic indie RPG’s have become much less rare, though still far from common, ever since Yume Nikki and Space Funeral became cult classics. Tantibus, taking its name from the Latin word for ‘nightmare’, certainly falls into this bizarre niche with its small, often-nonsensical world. If you’re looking for a deep plot or particularly engaging combat you won’t find it here, but you’re in luck if you’re looking to explore a unique world and interact with its increasingly-interesting inhabitants.

Voidspire Tactics

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Tactical RPG’s which combined strategic grid-based fighting with a world to explore and interact with have never been very common, but I’ve always been fond of this particular subgenre and I am more than happy to say that Voidspire Tactics completely blew away virtually all of my expectations. This is more than just a solid game, this is an experience which allows for a degree of freeform exploration rarely found elsewhere and one which consistently rewards experimentation in every facet of its gameplay. Voidspire Tactics walks a very thin line, implementing a good number of features which have sent many a game tumbling towards disaster in the past, but the versatile class system ultimately helps it to maintain its balance.