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Pinkman is a fast, stylish platform where you run, jump, and fart (yes, really) your way through 100 short levels. Between the focus on rocket launchers, the laser turrets, the sleek, minimalistic graphics, and the ultimate goal of flipping switches to open exit doors there seems to be a fair amount of influence from the N series at work here, but Pinkman goes beyond being a clone by taking these elements and combining them with new mechanics (like farting) with the end result being a game which can stand on its own merits.

Lunatic War

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Lunatic War is a game consisting entirely of 12 boss fights separated by brief dialogue skits (all in Japanese) and it makes the most of the content it has to offer. Every boss has a unique and often creative design and, more importantly, each fight is memorable with some fights consisting of two or more phases. Though there are not multiple difficulties, you have access to both a Mega Man buster and a Kirby-ish magic glove and your choice between the two dramatically alters how you approach nearly every fight.

Cylor vs The Bullets From Hell

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The boss fights are often the best parts of bullet hell shmups, so Cylor vs The Bullets From Hell cuts right to the chase by focusing entirely upon a single, ever-evolving boss. Over half a dozen difficulties gives this game plenty of replayability and the fight itself has many memorable twists both aesthetically and in terms of gameplay.


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RIVE may be an unusual swan song for Two Tribes, the developers of Toki Tori and several other great puzzle games, but this explosive action platformer easily meets the high mark of quality set by its predecessors. Taking place in and around an abnormally deadly space facility, RIVE is a passionately blatant love letter to the sidescrollers and shmups of yesteryear and it is jam-packed with a menageries of over-the-top set pieces alongside a brutally high difficulty curve. With hundreds of robots to destroy and dozens of ways to be crushed, smashed, burnt to ash, and ripped apart, this is one game which does everything it can to live up to its name.


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It’s usually a good sign when the worst thing you can say about a game is that you wish there was more of it and such is the case with Nanuleu. This RTS may be short enough that you can play through all three of its maps on every difficulty in under two hours, but its bizarre world of tree-based base building is both unique enough and polished enough to make it worth the fairly low cost of entry.