About Indie Overlook

Hello and welcome to Indie Overlook! As you might have guessed from the name, this site is dedicated to talking about all sorts of video games made by independent developers. While I might talk about a popular game from time to time, the focus here is mostly on obscure stuff, the games which, for one reason or another, slipped through the cracks or were once well-known within their communities and have since become all but forgotten.

I’ll be sticking specifically to PC games, at least for now, but new games, old games, commercial games, and freeware games are all equally likely to be covered. This is not a traditional review site so most of the games written about here are going to be ones which I consider to be great or, at the very least, interesting enough to be worth checking out.

You can expect to see a new game article with an accompanying video from me every Tuesday and Friday, though I may very well end up writing more than two articles on some weeks. I hope these articles help at least a few people to find a new game or two and I look forward to any feedback and suggestions!


About Me

I have been writing about, discussing, and making videos of games on various websites for well over a decade as Seeric, I even post articles under this username over here at Indie Overlook, but my real name is Joseph McCue. I may not have a degree in Game Design, but I do have one in Literature and I believe video games are every bit as important and as worthwhile to analyze as any other form of media, perhaps even more so than most things which are commonly labelled as ‘art’ due to how much personal investment and direct engagement video games demand from players.

Being a strong supporter of video game preservation, I created and maintain Indie Overlook in order to help draw attention to games which have been forgotten or which flew under the radar and went largely unnoticed. I know how exciting it can be to have your expectations completely blown away by a game you didn’t notice or by one which you were initially on the fence about playing and I hope I can help to share that sense of excitement and discovery through my articles and videos on Indie Overlook.