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TranscendPang Sentinels


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TranscendPang might be the best Pang-style game out there, freeware or otherwise. This psychedelic take on the arcade classic still has you shooting wires upward to split bouncing circles into smaller bouncing circles, but it adds in a whole slew of new things. With branching paths, bizarre bosses and minibosses, a clever bomb mechanic, and tons of playable characters, each with a unique ability and varying stats, TranscendPang takes the original formula to the next stage.


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Though it may look like a simple Geometry Wars clone in screenshots, Ellipsis is a very different type of experience. You have no direct form of attack and your objective in each of the many short single-screen levels is to gather a set of collectibles and make it to the exit without getting hit. With branching paths and a large, neon world filled with plenty of creative enemies and hazards, Ellipsis has far more to offer than you might expect.

Mr. Rescue

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The world could probably use a few more firefighter arcade games since it seems like just about all of them are astonishingly good. Mr. Rescue is no exception to the rule with its intense gameplay and some charmingly ridiculous self-aware humor. Between putting out fires, collecting upgrades, monitoring your water and heat meters, and, most importantly of all, rescuing people by tossing them out of windows, there is a lot to keep track of and little time to spare.

The Bug Butcher

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There are surprisingly few games out there which take after Pang and its sequels, better known as the Buster Bros. series in the West, and I do not know of any which are quite as willing to change around the mechanics as The Bug Butcher.

Precious Star

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Precious Star is outright one of the best shmups I have ever played and if you have any love for bullet hells at all you should click one of the links above this paragraph right now so you can download it and start playing it as soon as possible. Difficulty balance, ship weaponry, bosses, stages, scoring systems, graphics, and sound design – this game does them all exceptionally well. If you’re still reading this (or if you’ve come back after having played Precious Star for yourself), I’ll go ahead and dive right in to talking about just why this game works so well.