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Eden Reverse

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Eden Reverse is a short cross between a platformer and a shmup without feeling entirely like either. Your character can stay in the air for quite a while before falling back down to the ground, but the main feature is hinted at by the title itself. Specifically, you can reverse gravity to walk on the ceiling. This is far from the only game to feature such a mechanic, but Eden Reverse is rather unique among these types of games in its pure focus on boss fights. With gravity controls, a jetpack that lets you remain in the air for extended periods of time, and creative boss fights within often equally creative arenas, this little game packs a big punch.

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Monolith Daemon Boss


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Top-down action rogue-likes (or rogue-lites or roguelike-likes or whatever you want to call them at this point) have been ridiculously common in the world of indie game development ever since The Binding of Isaac became popular and, to be perfectly honest, I’ve never been particularly fond of this subgenre as a whole, but Monolith stands out in some very substantial ways. Infused with the soul of a bullet hell shmup, Monolith introduces a whole new layer of carefully handcrafted bullet-dodging action to the formula while fixing many of this subgenre’s shortcoming, making this not only a game which is designed to be replayed multiple times, but one which you’ll actually want to reply again and again.


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Though it looks like an old ASCII roguelike, Monsterland is really a frantic third-person shooter which uses its unusual aesthetic choice in some clever ways. With plenty of weapons, several interesting environmental interactions, and a solid campaign, Monsterland has quite a lot to offer despite its extraordinary low price.




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Genetos is a shmup which celebrates the history of its genre from its humble beginnings to the modern era. The aesthetics evolve along with the enemies and even your own ship in this journey through the ages. With many difficulty levels to choose from and different evolutionary paths for your ship based on your actions, Genetos is a game which can vary as much as the genre itself.


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I rarely enjoy top-down arena shooters, but THOTH is a rather unusual game for this genre to say the least. With no scoring system, no text or instructions, and 64 handcrafted levels plus quite a bit of post-game content, this is a game which seeks to constantly surprise players as it continuously changes up and expands upon its mechanics.