Mercury Station

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Mercury Station or, more specifically, Lo-Res Spaceman at Mercury Station, is a rather old Game Maker game which itself harks back to even older FPS games. While freeware 3D indie games may be rather common now, they were exceptionally rare back when Mercury Station was released (excluding Doom mods and the like), making this something of a technical marvel. Though it has its share of flaws, perhaps most notably its lack of a map, Mercury Station nevertheless has plenty of entertainment to offer with an open approach to progression, interesting weapons, and varied regions.

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Atomic 79

First Impression: Atomic 79

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This First Impression article is based upon about the first hour of gameplay and may not necessarily be indicative of the game as a whole. This includes the score at the end.

With a name referencing the atomic number for gold, you might think that Atomic 79 is about mining, and you wouldn’t be wrong, but it’s more about shooting a whole lot of voxel skeletons. Aside from the initial hub, the entire game takes place inside a single, dark room where you must survive against the relentless hordes of spooky skeletons for as long as possible while collecting as much gold as you can. Even though Devil Daggers immediately comes to mind, Atomic 79 is far more upbeat, infinitely more charming, and feels pretty different overall beyond belonging to the same odd ‘arena survival FPS’ subgenre.

Schedule Change

I’m going to start experimenting with a modified schedule which distributes content more evenly and gives me more time to work on larger articles as well as on other things like catching up on uploading the current backlog of videos and improving the site. This week is going to be a little odd because I want to finish the In Extremis article today and the Three Ghostly Roses article from before the hiatus on Friday. However, here is my current plan for the new schedule:

Monday: Main article preview for Friday’s article
Tuesday: Stream
Wednesday: Short Article (player-created content, short games, demos, first impressions, etc)
Thursday: Stream
Friday: Main article
Saturday: Stream
Sunday: Miscellaneous Stuff

I might switch back to the current schedule in the future, but for now I’m happy with this one. The biggest change here is that instead of either two main articles or one main and two short articles each week, there is now one main and one short article each week. It’s a little less content, but it’s also a lot more consistent. Streams will still generally be at 8:30 P.M. EST, but they’ve changed from a Monday/Wednesday/Saturday schedule to a Tuesday/Thursday/Saturday schedule, which feels more evenly spread out.

As for Sunday, this is sort of an ‘anything goes’ day. I might focus on getting videos uploaded or on updating Indie Overlook in some ways, I might decide to do a stream or write a short article, or I might simply take the day off to do things not related to Indie Overlook.

In Extremis

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In Extremis is a shmup in which you play through various genres of art and music in a rather literal sense. If that sounds weird, well, In Extremis is a very strange game. While this is an entirely competent shmup filled with secrets, unlockables, and multiple paths, its true strength lies in being a visual marvel and an auditory delight where each stage is radically different from any other.

Shrouded in Sanity

Shrouded in Sanity

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Shrouded in Sanity is a horror-themed action RPG with some minor balance issues and a few too many dead ends, yet a satisfying combat system and a great sense of atmosphere supported by plenty of lore make this a surprisingly enjoyable experience. Even though this is a fairly short game, especially if you know where to go, a New Game+ mode, multiple endings, and a completely open map make Shrouded in Sanity highly replayable regardless of if you’re going for a speedrun or simply aiming for a new ending. The upcoming semi-sequel, Usurper, will almost certainly be the better game of the two, Shrouded in Sanity has more than enough going for it to stand on its own.