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The Music Machine

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Before anything else, I want to share a personal story about The Music Machine in October of 2016 I began to play through this wonderfully atmospheric first-person horror game for the sake of writing an article about it. Unfortunately, I accidentally overwrote my save data and lost some progress, but this isn’t a particularly long game so that wasn’t really much of an issue. Except, then my entire hard drive died and with it went my save file until I found a replacement. Then my computer died, taking my third save with it. Once everything was back in order the Halloween season was long over and plans to write about The Music Machine fell through the cracks.

With Halloween once again on the horizon, this week seems like the perfect time to at last delve into this story about a girl, the ghost possessing her, and the mysteries surrounding a very creepy and exceedingly orange island.


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It’s October, and that means all sorts of indie horror games are going to start popping up just in time for Halloween. FAITH is one such game and it takes the retro aesthetic even farther back than usual with graphics inspired by the likes of the ZX Spectrum and plenty of computerized ‘voice acting’ that would feel right at home in an 80’s arcade game (Sinistar comes to mind). Starring a priest who has returned to the secluded site of a failed exorcism, FAITH wields its minimalism like a rather sharp knife.

This is a fairly short game, but it’s also a respectably dense game, packed with enough secrets, lore, and alternate endings to more than double your playtime if you want to see everything. Whether it tasks you with wandering through the woods alongside a retro rendition of “Moonlight Sonata” or creeping through a house in dead silence, FAITH knows how to use emptiness and absence to create constant tension.

Shrouded in Sanity

Shrouded in Sanity

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Shrouded in Sanity is a horror-themed action RPG with some minor balance issues and a few too many dead ends, yet a satisfying combat system and a great sense of atmosphere supported by plenty of lore make this a surprisingly enjoyable experience. Even though this is a fairly short game, especially if you know where to go, a New Game+ mode, multiple endings, and a completely open map make Shrouded in Sanity highly replayable regardless of if you’re going for a speedrun or simply aiming for a new ending. The upcoming semi-sequel, Usurper, will almost certainly be the better game of the two, Shrouded in Sanity has more than enough going for it to stand on its own.

Close Your Eyes

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Close Your Eyes is a horror game where you must question everyone and everything you encounter. Taking on the role of a character who has narrowly escaped from death row, you must navigate your way through dark and ever-changing locations as time and space twist around you. There are plenty of scares along the way ranging everywhere on the spectrum from standard jumpscares to disturbing love letters and every assumption must be doubted in order to reveal even the smallest slivers of truth.

From Next Door

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With a description stating that this game “draws inspiration from the works of Junji Ito and games like Silent Hill” and that it contains “mild jumpscares” I was prepared to either fall in love with From Next Door or be horribly disappointed – I was not disappointed. Even though it’s only about an hour in length, this game’s pace is an extremely slow burn, slow enough that after a few minutes you might start to wonder if those ‘jumpscares’ are just going to be fake-outs without anything legitimately frightening ever happening. Yet this slow pace is what makes the game work so well because the sense of tension continually builds even when nothing is happening. A neighboring house with no windows, a mysterious locked room, and a growing sense of unease are all it takes to make you expect an unknown horror to at last abruptly reveal itself every time you turn on the lights at night.