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First Impression: Shattered God

First Impression: Shattered God – Quest for the Divine Relic

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This First Impression article is based entirely upon my experience with the game up to shortly after the end of the second dungeon, which you can see in the above video, as well an an initial playthrough of the demo, which ends at the title card drop after the first dungeon. This article is not necessarily indicative of the game as a whole. This includes the score at the end.

Full Disclosure: I received a free key for this game from the developer, which I accepted after trying out the demo. This has in no way influenced my opinion on the game, the contents of this article, nor the content of the above video.

Shattered God is an action RPG where the focus is heavily placed upon its rather unique combat system, though the rest of the game feels competently made as well. Outside of combat, the game mostly plays like a standard RPG where you bounce between dungeon delving and talking to NPC’s in towns, though it’s not made in RPG Maker so it does benefit from the addition of a few mechanics which are difficult to replicate in that engine and it has a distinctive appearance. The combat system is the heart of this game though and it is a wonderfully frantic, surprisingly difficult, blend of timing and multitasking.

Owlia Title Screen

First Impression: The Legends of Owlia

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NOTE: The Legends of Owlia is in the above video starting at 1:41:24!

First Impression articles are based entirely upon the first roughly 30 minutes of gameplay and may not necessarily be indicative of the game as a whole. This includes the score at the end.

The Legends of Owlia seems like it is so concerned with ticking every box in a checklist that it never stops to polish up anything. Though there are plenty of bits and pieces of nostalgia here, the experience as a whole feels completely sparse. This is a rather unusual game because it really does capture the feel of a NES game, but that includes various outdated design practices and many of the better mechanics are hamstrung by mediocre execution.