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Eden Reverse

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Eden Reverse is a short cross between a platformer and a shmup without feeling entirely like either. Your character can stay in the air for quite a while before falling back down to the ground, but the main feature is hinted at by the title itself. Specifically, you can reverse gravity to walk on the ceiling. This is far from the only game to feature such a mechanic, but Eden Reverse is rather unique among these types of games in its pure focus on boss fights. With gravity controls, a jetpack that lets you remain in the air for extended periods of time, and creative boss fights within often equally creative arenas, this little game packs a big punch.

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TranscendPang Sentinels


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TranscendPang might be the best Pang-style game out there, freeware or otherwise. This psychedelic take on the arcade classic still has you shooting wires upward to split bouncing circles into smaller bouncing circles, but it adds in a whole slew of new things. With branching paths, bizarre bosses and minibosses, a clever bomb mechanic, and tons of playable characters, each with a unique ability and varying stats, TranscendPang takes the original formula to the next stage.

Monolith Daemon Boss


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Top-down action rogue-likes (or rogue-lites or roguelike-likes or whatever you want to call them at this point) have been ridiculously common in the world of indie game development ever since The Binding of Isaac became popular and, to be perfectly honest, I’ve never been particularly fond of this subgenre as a whole, but Monolith stands out in some very substantial ways. Infused with the soul of a bullet hell shmup, Monolith introduces a whole new layer of carefully handcrafted bullet-dodging action to the formula while fixing many of this subgenre’s shortcoming, making this not only a game which is designed to be replayed multiple times, but one which you’ll actually want to reply again and again.

Crystal Towers 2

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Crystal Towers 2 expertly combines the open, branching level design of many Genesis-era platformers with many of the better exploration elements from Nintendo 64 collectathons like Super Mario 64. This isn’t a game which shies away from revealing its influences, there are plenty of red springs and tiles with checkered patterns along the way, but it also doesn’t adhere itself too closely to the formula of any one game in particular either. Though there are a few rough spots along the way, mainly the boss fights, this massive 20+ hour adventure is filled with tons of secrets, charming writing, a fantastic soundtrack, and excellent platforming challenges.


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Though it may look like a simple Geometry Wars clone in screenshots, Ellipsis is a very different type of experience. You have no direct form of attack and your objective in each of the many short single-screen levels is to gather a set of collectibles and make it to the exit without getting hit. With branching paths and a large, neon world filled with plenty of creative enemies and hazards, Ellipsis has far more to offer than you might expect.