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8-Bit Adventures 2 Demo Title

Demo – 8-Bit Adventures 2

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8-Bit Adventures 2 is an upcoming RPG from the developer of Tales Across Time and the demo gives us a brief look into the adventures of Warrior, Thief, Robot, and, of course, Charlie. Players will be able to change these names in the full release, though I think the default ones fit rather well alongside locations like a city named Processor. Clocking in at about 45 minutes, give or take a few depending on how much you explore, this is on the slightly shorter side as far as RPG demos go and that’s perfectly fine because the goal here seems to be to give players a good sense of the combat system and exploration without revealing too much about the plot and the setting. The demo definitely succeeds at achieving its goals, but how does the gameplay itself stack up?

Salt and Sanctuary

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There are a whole lot of games out there which, to one degree or another, can be described as “indie Dark Souls” and, to their credit, a surprising number of them are quite good. But none are as deserving of that title as Salt and Sanctuary. The methodical combat, the perpetual gloom, asynchronous multiplayer elements, and just about everything else is all right here. Ska Studios doesn’t just stick with the familiar though as this action RPG takes full advantage of its 2D perspective with plenty of platforming. Various other original touches, such as a rather literal skill tree, blend together with familiar features to create one of the best indie games out there.

Indie Game Grab Bag: Fall 2017 Edition #1

Catsby || Don’t open the doors! || Star Waker || From Shadows || Xenia || DashBored

Welcome to the first of many Indie Game Grab Bag articles! Impressions and rankings are based solely upon the roughly 15-30 minutes of gameplay per indie game which you can see in the above video.

We have six games to look at in this edition over Indie Game Grab Bag and many of them are surprisingly solid. Let’s get started!

Each game is listed followed by its rank, video timestamp, and price in USD.

First Impression: Northwall

RPGMaker.net Page

This First Impression article is based on about an hour of gameplay and may not necessarily be indicative of the game as a whole. This includes the score at the end.

Northwall is a game I didn’t remember many details about when I started it up other than that it might have had some good reviews (it does) so I really wasn’t sure of what to expect from it. With its heavy reliance upon RPG Maker’s default graphical assets and an opening that goes on for too long before giving you control of a character, Northwall‘s quality only grew more doubtful by the minute. However, the combat system rapidly dispelled my doubts as to the game’s quality and by the end of my time with it I was eager to play more.

Shrouded in Sanity

Shrouded in Sanity

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Shrouded in Sanity is a horror-themed action RPG with some minor balance issues and a few too many dead ends, yet a satisfying combat system and a great sense of atmosphere supported by plenty of lore make this a surprisingly enjoyable experience. Even though this is a fairly short game, especially if you know where to go, a New Game+ mode, multiple endings, and a completely open map make Shrouded in Sanity highly replayable regardless of if you’re going for a speedrun or simply aiming for a new ending. The upcoming semi-sequel, Usurper, will almost certainly be the better game of the two, Shrouded in Sanity has more than enough going for it to stand on its own.