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A Robot Named Fight

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It’s an all-out war between the robotic residents of Earth and the endless spawn of a moon-sized glob of flesh in the sky called the Megabeast! I was skeptical of a Metroidvania roguelike because I generally prefer it when games with procedural generation only last about 30 minutes per run. However, while a successful run of A Robot Named Fight does indeed take about an hour, the game does a fantastic job of keeping things fresh by changing up the obstacles you encounter based on the powers you obtain. Sometimes this just amounts to adding in doors which require a certain type of weapon to open, but it also means things like adding in dark rooms if you get a light source and high barriers if you get a jump upgrade. It’s delightfully gross, surprisingly varied, and an all-around awesome game about becoming fight enough to take on cosmic abominations.

Ninja Smasher Title

First Impression: Ninja Smasher!

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NOTE: The Ninja Smasher! segment in the above video begins at 1:03:27!

First Impression articles are based entirely upon the first roughly 30 minutes of gameplay and may not necessarily be indicative of the game as a whole. This includes the score at the end.

Even though simplicity is often a good thing, Ninja Smasher! feels a bit too simplistic for its own good. An otherwise satisfying combat system quickly wears thin in the face of bland level design and painfully low difficulty.

Hollow Knight Title

Hollow Knight

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I knew I would probably like Hollow Knight from the start, but I was not at all prepared for it to resonate with me as much as it did. With the release of Bleed 2 last month and with virtually guaranteed heavy hitters like Iconoclasts and La-Mulana 2 on the horizon, 2017 is an incredibly exciting year for indie games, yet Hollow Knight may very well end up as my favorite game of the year. With a massive world to explore, an outright ridiculous number of secrets, a combat system which manages to feel extremely fluid while giving each and every attack a sense of weight, and an atmosphere which seamlessly combines some good old-fashioned Dark Souls gloom with lighthearted humor, this is one experience which is far from empty.

Project Adventure Game: The Cycle of the Cave

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Project Adventure Game is a rather challenging Metroidvania which pays tribute to the nostalgic games of the past as well as to the Game Maker engine itself. It has some rough spots and the difficulty level is more of a ‘U’ than a curve, but it also has an interesting, often methodical feel to its progression and gameplay.


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Soldexus is a rather old indie game at this point and it doesn’t do anything particularly innovative for a Metroidvania, but it also probably deserves more credit than it has gotten. The main character, Ian, must make his way through a haunted castle to defeat its owner, gaining various passive upgrades and special abilities along the way. You actually gain access to both the double jump and a wall run near the start of the game, which allows Ian to become a surprisingly mobile protagonist. The only weapon you have access to is a sword, but upgrades later in the game expand Ian’s moveset and your slash is able to be charged up to create a strong slash which gains increased range based on how many attack upgrades have been found.

As far as issues go, there are two in particular worth noting. First, the beginning is far too difficult compared to the rest of the game as Ian will die in two or three hits to virtually anything on top of not having much in terms of mobility or offense of his own. Secondly, warp rooms exist, but save points are far too spread out so it’s easy to lose a decent chunk of progress upon death. On the plus side of things, backtracking through old areas doesn’t feel tedious because enemies throughout the castle gradually upgrade to stronger versions as the game goes on. Boss fights are also quite good and most of them require players to pay close attention to brief tells they give before launching attacks in order to successfully dodge and counter. Overall, Soldexus isn’t going to blow anyone away, but it’s still a solid Metroidvania worth checking out.