Demo – Flynn: Son of Crimson

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This is a great little vertical slice alpha demo! If you’re unfamiliar with the term, a vertical slice demo is designed to show off various gameplay elements rather than showing off an area from the game. The demo for Flynn: Son of Crimson can be finished in under ten minutes, but it crams a whole lot of content into those few minutes. With four weapons, a utility item, standard action platforming, two enemy gauntlets, a stealth section, an auto-run section, and even a little bit of NPC interaction, not a single moment goes by without a new mechanic or technique being introduced.

A Bright Light in the Middle of the Ocean

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Video games allow us to intimately interact with spaces to a degree unrivaled by any other medium. It’s a lesson I think most players learn eventually. It’s learned in that moment when we catch ourselves examining every discarded scrap of paper, every shadowy corner, and the contents of every mug and cup left on a table because we’ve been captivated by a world, whether it is wondrous or horrifying, and we desperately want to know as much about it as we can. I first learned this lesson at a young age via my Sega Saturn when Myst completely captured my attention with its melancholy, mysterious island, but every now and then a game like A Bright Light in the Middle of the Ocean comes around to remind me of it.

First Impression: Northwall

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This First Impression article is based on about an hour of gameplay and may not necessarily be indicative of the game as a whole. This includes the score at the end.

Northwall is a game I didn’t remember many details about when I started it up other than that it might have had some good reviews (it does) so I really wasn’t sure of what to expect from it. With its heavy reliance upon RPG Maker’s default graphical assets and an opening that goes on for too long before giving you control of a character, Northwall‘s quality only grew more doubtful by the minute. However, the combat system rapidly dispelled my doubts as to the game’s quality and by the end of my time with it I was eager to play more.

Atomic 79

First Impression: Atomic 79

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This First Impression article is based upon about the first hour of gameplay and may not necessarily be indicative of the game as a whole. This includes the score at the end.

With a name referencing the atomic number for gold, you might think that Atomic 79 is about mining, and you wouldn’t be wrong, but it’s more about shooting a whole lot of voxel skeletons. Aside from the initial hub, the entire game takes place inside a single, dark room where you must survive against the relentless hordes of spooky skeletons for as long as possible while collecting as much gold as you can. Even though Devil Daggers immediately comes to mind, Atomic 79 is far more upbeat, infinitely more charming, and feels pretty different overall beyond belonging to the same odd ‘arena survival FPS’ subgenre.

Mega Maker – Electric Sky by Shohann (7204)

This level definitely has some issues and I’d even hesitate to call it good, but parts of it are extremely entertaining. Though this is a rather vertical level, there isn’t much in the way of platforming here and virtually all of the challenge comes from the enemies. Enemies here can be almost perfectly divided into two groups.