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Alvora Tactics Combat

Alvora Tactics

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This new pseudo-sequel to Voidspire Tactics, which may be my favorite game from 2015, polishes up the existing formula while adding in some useful features and taking a rather large risk along the way. The risk in question is the introduction of procedurally generated areas which incorporate handcrafted rooms and, for the most part, this is a success. This is a shorter and in some ways a much more straightforward game than its predecessor, but it’s also cheaper, the procedural generation gives it more replay value, and the various improvements and new features allow Alvora Tactics to stand on its own as a great addition to any game collection.

Griptape Backbone Title

Griptape Backbone

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Terrible jokes, great music, memes, and a desktop screen containing the best use of a Samuel Beckett play I have ever seen are some of the most important parts of this existential skateboarding game. With no way to lose, a vague goal of collecting 1000 ‘aesthetics’ shaped like cups which make old Windows sounds when you touch them, and the ability to skate on any surface in any direction with no fear of crashing, this is a short and very relaxing experience where players are free to explore and interact with the world at their own pace. Griptape Backbone is mostly made up of bits and pieces of meaningless nonsense, but this is one case where the whole is definitely greater than the sum of its parts as all these abstract objects and pop culture references do come together to convey a surprisingly powerful message. The ending is particularly good, but the roughly one hour journey to get there is also worthwhile in its own way.

Creepy Castle Title Screen

Creepy Castle

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Retro sidescrolling adventure RPG’s and minigames are two things which don’t seem like they should go together, yet Creepy Castle, for the most part, makes this odd combination work. With a combat system based on performing various WarioWare-style minigames, around 15-20 hours of gameplay spread across five scenarios, a surprisingly engaging story, and plenty of secrets to find along the way, Creepy Castle makes for a particularly memorable experience. There are a few points at which it begins to overstay its welcome and I am not particularly fond of the third scenario for reasons which I will cover later, but when the formula works, and it does work for the vast majority of the game, it works exceptionally well.

Escape Goat 2

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Escape Goat 2 makes some significant improvements over its predecessor in terms of aesthetics and content, but wisely doesn’t shy too far away from the original formula. With over 100 rooms in the main campaign alone and a perfect blend of action, puzzle solving, and a humorously serious tone wrapped around its ridiculous premise, Escape Goat 2 is a significant improvement over its already rather good predecessor and it is sure to please newcomers to the action puzzle genre and veterans alike.


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It’s usually a good sign when the worst thing you can say about a game is that you wish there was more of it and such is the case with Nanuleu. This RTS may be short enough that you can play through all three of its maps on every difficulty in under two hours, but its bizarre world of tree-based base building is both unique enough and polished enough to make it worth the fairly low cost of entry.