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Precious Star

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Precious Star is outright one of the best shmups I have ever played and if you have any love for bullet hells at all you should click one of the links above this paragraph right now so you can download it and start playing it as soon as possible. Difficulty balance, ship weaponry, bosses, stages, scoring systems, graphics, and sound design – this game does them all exceptionally well. If you’re still reading this (or if you’ve come back after having played Precious Star for yourself), I’ll go ahead and dive right in to talking about just why this game works so well.


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Ookibloks is what happens when you take the basic concept behind the types of sliding puzzles found in nearly any RPG with an ice dungeon, strip away the tedium, and apply it to a fast-paced arcade puzzle game. In this game you play as Ooki the monkey as he rapidly jumps between blocks to collect bananas while dropping fruit on enemies and using various objects to his advantage. It’s simple, it’s short, and it’s a whole lot of fun.


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Gemdance is a Breakout-style game with some interesting, if underused, mechanics and a focus on enemy variety. Our protagonist, a windup dancing toy named Galatea, takes the place of a ball as she bashes bricks and defeats demons in her attempt to escape her imprisonment in the world of Zodiac. Though Gemdance somewhat stumbles in its execution, contains plenty of creativity and charm.


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Blocksum would almost certainly have become a major success has it been released as a modern mobile game in this post-Threes world of number-swiping puzzle games. As it stands, this game is a fantastic and frantic entry from the distant past which was a bit too ahead of its time.

Sengoku Youkai Daikassen Boss

Sengoku Youkai Daikassen

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NOTE: The official website no longer exists, credit goes to https://panchira.wordpress.com/ for containing a link.
NOTE 2: This game seems to be based on an anime called Sengoku Otome: Momoiro Paradox, which looks awful, but at least the game’s good!

I’m not sure as to exactly when I fell in love with the bullet hell subgenre, but I do know that I always enjoy stumbling across worthwhile entries and Sengoku Youkai Daikassen is one such entry. Taking place over the course of six stages (or ‘steges’ according to the in-game Engrish) in Warring States-era Japan, this horizontal shmup offers enough Continues to make it a good entry point for those new to the genre and enough nuance to its scoring system to satisfy most bullet hell veterans.