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Burnstar Gameplay


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If you took the basic concept behind Bomberman and tried to apply it to a puzzle game, you would probably get something somewhat like Burnstar. Though the focus here is upon collecting stars instead of killing enemies, you’ll be blowing up plenty of blocks with plus-shaped bomb explosions. That said, Burnstar is a game which does not hesitate to add in both plenty of new mechanics and enough significant changes to the Bomberman formula that the resemblance is ultimately largely superficial.

Yokai Memory Matching

Yokai Memory

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Yokai Memory is the only game I can think of which attempts to combine memory matching with fast arcade-style platforming and the result is surprisingly successful. This is definitely an arcade platformer first and a matching game second, though the matching element is far from insignificant. Though this is a game by a Japanese developer, there isn’t much to worry about in terms of translation issues as this is not at all a text-heavy game and, aside from the title screen, all of the text is in English. Yokai Memory is, overall, a very simple, very challenging game so let’s start by focusing on the most important part, the gameplay.


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Eternum is a platformer made in the much-underutilized Arcade Game Studio engine with a large focus on getting a high score and, as its engine’s name suggests, a level of difficulty which would make it feel right at home in an arcade. There are quite a few nods to the Ghosts ‘n Goblins series (and what look to be quite a few sprite rips from Castlevania games for that matter), the main character is even explicitly stated to be Arthur as an old man searching for a way to regain his youth, but Eternum’s gameplay is largely unique despite its aesthetics.

The Winter Solstice

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Vertigo Gaming may be best known for making Cook, Serve, Delicious!, but they also made more than a few fantastic freeware titles back in the day, one of which is particularly fitting for this time of the year. The Winter Solstice is, despite its name, a game about winter as a season. Or rather, it’s a game about an abstract play in the San Aruba Amphitheater in the middle of a desert about a blizzard representing the season of winter. Anyway, you play as a blue paper lantern on a string shooting gel at lights and other paper lanterns to make them pop and spark.

The Ancients’ Tome

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The Ancients’ Tome is an interesting little gem from all the way back in 2006 and one which I’ve wanted to discuss for a while. As to just what type of game it is…that’s a good question, and one without much in the way of an easy answer. Its developer labels it as an ‘arcade puzzle game’ and that’s probably as close as you can get, though even that doesn’t quite hit the mark. Whatever you want to call its genre, The Ancients’ Tome definitely fits somewhere under the enormous ‘experimental games’ umbrella and manages to be quite entertaining along the way.